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We focus on those services that we are confident of providing with extreme expertise and value so that you do not have to look anywhere else. Our focused approach towards what we offer enables us to meet expectations of even the most demanding solutions with surprising ease. A team that is highly committed to keeping itself on top of our services areas with constant additions and contributions to what we do, makes our clients all the more comfortable.

We specialize in three core areas.

  • Mobile application development
  • Web based application development
  • Client Server application development

Mobile Application Development

We realize that the next set of tools to make business efficient and more productive lie in the mobile device all of us are carrying. To be on the cutting edge of this exciting new platform, we have put together the best strategists and developers to create compelling solutions on mobile phones. Whether you have an exciting new idea or an application that needs to be available on the go, we can help you get your app or idea on the phone in no time.

We specialize in the following mobile platforms

  • iPhone
  • J2ME
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile
  • Android

We have a dedicated team for doing constant research on new technologies as well as creating libraries to be used in other projects so that we can deliver the applications to our clients and it is bug free. We have a dedicated testing team doing only testing on different devices. We have a very good collection of  old as well as new phones. All our software are well tested on actual device before delivery.

Web based Application Development

We provide quality web design and development services at affordable cost. We work on the following domains only

  • E-Commerce application with shopping carts, payment gate way etc
  • CMS
  • Custom web site design and development

We specialize in the following platforms

  • ASP.NET, SQL Server
  • PHP, Joomla, MySQL, Apache
  • JSP, Struts, JSF, MySQL, PostGres

Client Server Application Development

We have a very good knowledge and experience in developing custom client server application. We work on custom communication protocol. Some times the developments are done on multiplatform and multi language. Different techniques like socket communication, memory sharing etc have been used.

We specialize in the following platforms

  • C++, Visual C++ with MFC
  • Java, Swing, Socket Programming
  • Visual C#, WCF, WPF

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