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Offline Maps developed by AHI Infotech

AHI's Offline Istanbul

This application allows to use maps of Istanbul, Turkey offline without internet connection. This application stores maps directly on the device, so you do not need any internet connection to see the map, thus there will be no charge for roaming.

This application is a must for the travellers who are travelling this city and carrying an iPhone. This application is not a replacement of Google Maps application available on iPhone, it is used when you don't have internet connection and want to use maps.

- Use maps offline & save data roaming charge
- Easy to use zoom in and zoom out just like Google Maps Apps
- Easy to drag and move the map around
- It has the GPS tracking capability , so it can pinpoint your current location on the map.
- You can add book mark of your own.
- You can add details of the bookmark and add photos to the bookmark. It will become a travel diary for you.

Attribution: Map data (c) OpenStreetMap (and) contributors, CC-BY-SA



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