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Cityguides - Totally Offline developed by AHI Infotech

Stockholm Guide - Totally Offline

Planning to visit Stockholm or a resident of Stockholm? This small application on iPhone and iPod Touch will guide you to get the information you are looking for in just few clicks. This is totally offline, means you do not need internet connection at all while using this application. Even the Map is stored locally.

All the information are cleverly categorized in to nineteen categories. Some of the categories are

ATM , Attraction , Bank , Bar , Beauty , Coffee , Doctors , Fast Food , Hospitals , Hotels , Museums , Night Life , Parks and Gardens , Petrol Pump , Restaurant , Shopping , Taxi and more.

Every information is shown in the Map and a detailed view with address,phone, description, distance from current location and more. You can post the information to Facebook, Twitter or email to your friends. You can add an item to Favourite as well for quick access. The Map works offline, you do not need any internet connection. You can zoom in , zoom out or drag the map just like the inbuilt Map application.

  • Money saving: The application is designed for offline use.You do not need any internet connection, no roaming charge etc.
  • There are more than 3000 items in 19 categories.
  • Easy to use: All the categories are nicely categorized. Everybody can understand from the application itself how to use it. Every item shown also shows the distance from your current location.
  • Offline maps: You do not need any internet connection to access our detailed street maps. The map works just similar to the inbuilt Map application. You can drag, zoom in or zoom out.
  • Search: A very good intelligent and fast search engine has been integrated with this application. Just type the item you are looking for and you will get in less than a second.
  • Personalization: You can add items to your Favorite for quick access.
  • Photo Gallery: There is a photo gallery just similar to the in built Photo application. You can add photo directly from camera or from Photo Album. You can send post card to your friends as well(you need an internet connection).
  • Social Network: You can inform you friends through Facebook, Twitter or EMail(you need an internet connection).

Attribution: Map data (c) OpenStreetMap (and) contributors, CC-BY-SA


Stockholm Guide - Totally Offline
Stockholm Guide - Totally Offline
Stockholm Guide - Totally Offline
Stockholm Guide - Totally Offline
Stockholm Guide - Totally Offline

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