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Unblock Red

Unblock Red is an addictive puzzle game. The goal of the game is to move the red block out of the board by moving other blocks out of the way. The game comes with 5 levels of increasing difficulties ranging from Novice to Expert.

The game is influenced by one puzzle of famous puzzle master Nobuyuki Yoshigahara.


- 3100 puzzles.
- Contains 5 levels of increasing difficulty.
- Three beautiful Themes.
- Each puzzle shows you the minimum moves to solve it
- Shows you the puzzles you have already solved and also the puzzles that are yet to solve.
- Shows the summary of each puzzle - whether it is solved or not, how many moves taken etc.
- Truely addictive.


Unblock Red
Unblock Red
Unblock Red
Unblock Red
Unblock Red

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